Seasonal Projects

Hunger and malnutrition are the biggest risk to health worldwide, with more people suffering than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined; they are struck by war, natural disaster and extreme poverty.

Islamic Relief conduct food distributions every Ramadan and Qurbani, providing impoverished families with much needed nutritious food and meat.


We reach many families every Ramadan with food for a month. This enables those that are fasting to break their fast at iftar with a nutritious meal. In addition to this, all food items are purchased locally, which helps the local economy, and ensures that the food provided is suitable and familiar to the families receiving.


The Qurbani meat, delivered during the days of Eid enables families who only rarely eat meat, to sit and celebrate Eid together with a good meal.

As well as delivering in highly populated towns and cities, we also provide Ramdan food and Qurbani meat in remote, rural areas, where communities hardly ever receive support. It may be slightly more expensive to reach these areas, but it ensures that the poorest people receive help – women, children, the elderly, and refugees of war and disaster are always our priority.

We make sure the most needy people receive the best Qurbani we can provide them as only healthy animals are selected, ensuring high quality meat.

The Ramadan and Qurbani food programmes are designed to complement longer-term relief and development projects that provide sustainable ways to improve living conditions.

Seasonal projects