Orphan Sponsorship

The suffering of children is one of the hardest things to witness – and they are especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty and conflict.

Islamic Relief works to support orphans and children across, through sponsorship and child welfare projects.

A complete family unit is an environment that allows a child to thrive and achieve their full potential. Good health and education are just some of the positive outcomes from a cohesive family atmosphere.

This brings happiness to a child’s life

Support for orphans

Islamic Relief supports around 1,000 orphans under Orphan Sponsorship Programme. The aim is to support children based on their needs not on creed, colour and religion, it ensured that children from all religion and caste are included in the list of beneficiaries. Under this programme, orphan families are provided the support of 26 euro per month to each child and ensures that the money directly gets transferred in the beneficiary’s bank account.

With the support of local organisations we ensure that these children get guidance in the area of education, psycho-social support, health and nutrition at regular intervals. Under this programme, a child is entitled to get the sponsorship till the age of 18, if s/he does not discontinue education. Children who wants to pursue higher education and has bright future may get further support.

Orphan sponsorship projects