Ramadan means a lot to me

Ramadan means a lot to me

Leyla Yahyaeva lives in the Chechen Republic. She received an Islamic Relief foodpack last Ramadan.

Unemployed Leyla has three young children – ten-year old Sumaya, five-year old Movldi, and Abdul-Malik, aged four. It is hard to make ends meet, but she places her faith in God.

“I live on what God sends me,” she told us. “I don’t work. I have no income, only [social services] allowances for children and my unemployment allowance. God is taking care of me and I appreciate that very much.”

Though Leyla grapples with grinding poverty, Ramadan remains a special time.

“Ramadan means a lot to me. Ramadan is so sacred. When it starts all doors for Shaytan are closed, the doors of Hell are closed… regrets are accepted, duas are multiplied.”

For the mother-of-three, charitable giving during the holy month makes a big difference for families like hers, as well as those that share what they have with those less fortunate.

“I know for sure that the giving hand will never lack [anything]. I am sure God will reward [the donors]. What people give to the poor will come back to them multiplied by ten.

“May God reward your sadaqa. Your sadaqa will pull you out of many of life’s problems and difficulties. I wish God will give you joy and happiness like you give us and our children, through your support. On behalf of all poor families living in Chechnya today, who receive a Ramadan food from you, I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to you and your families.”


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