Essential staples provided

Essential staples provided

Thousands of displaced families living in Myanmar receive much-needed food aid through Islamic Relief.

Most people in Myanmar live on less than USD $2 a day, much of which is spent on food. In Rakhine state over 140,000 people have fled their houses since inter-communal violence broke out in 2012. Many are still unable to return home, and restrictions on movement are making it hard for families to buy food, earn a living, and access even basic services.

Decades of conflict in Kayin (Karen) have also forced many thousands from their homes. Islamic Relief’s latest project in the country is designed to ease the burden of finding food for poor and vulnerable families.

Essential staples to last one month

Our local partner, Myanmar Heart Development Organisation, began distributing the foodpacks in November. Each pack is designed to last an average family of six up to one month. They are filled with the essential staples preferred by local people, including rice, cooking oil, potatoes, onions and chilli.

In Rakhine, the rations are supplementing food relief provided by the World Food Programme (WFP). Nearly 14,000 of the most vulnerable people in Rakhine, Kayin (Karen) and Mon states have benefitted from the project, which ends this month.

Islamic Relief is also delivering a major livelihoods programme in Myanmar – spanning three states – designed to empower poor families to improve their food security and living standards.


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