Education support across Eastern districts

Education support across Eastern districts

Although the long standing civil war ended in 2009; its effects along with numerous natural disasters are still felt throughout the region, contributing to continued high levels of poverty. A recent UNICEF report highlighted that the lack of school supplies in one of the main contributing factors of children dropping out of school. Additionally, another cause of school dropout is the excessive distance to walk to school for many children.

In view of the situation, Islamic Relief helped children from Ampara, Batticaloa and  Trincomalee districts to continue with their schooling by addressing some of the causes of them dropping out of schools. We provided over 4,000 students from vulnerable poor families with their basic school needs such as school bags, shoes and other stationery items.

Additionally, over 400 students, all of whom live at a considerable distance from the school, were provided with bicycles to ensure that they can get to school on a daily basis.

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