Providing a lifeline

Providing a lifeline

Mazel Nasser Gamaal lives in Yemen. One of the most food insecure countries on the planet, Yemen has endured years of instability and conflict.

She shares a home with her children, as well as her eldest son and his family. The only member of the household to work, the little Mazel earns is not enough to provide for the family. One of the children has tuberculosis, and it is hard to find the money for treatment.

“We borrow from the neighbours, and God makes a way,” said Mazel, speaking to Islamic Relief before Ramadan.

“There are three rooms, and no doors,” she told us, describing their shelter, which is provided by charitable local people. “We are just looking for a roof for the house. It would be harder without the sheets and mattresses you have given us.”

They buy water from the local tank, and when money is short, they do not drink. Food too, is sometimes beyond their reach.

“[We eat] only what God gives us. If we have broad beans, we eat them. If there are none, we wait and become more patient. God is generous.”

Islamic Relief provides a lifeline

The family have relied on the support of Islamic Relief for nine years. Our orphan sponsorship scheme provides a small allowance, and the household also benefits from projects such as our seasonal food distributions.

Last Ramadan, Mazel received a family foodpack filled with flour, cooking oil and dates. More than 63,000 poor people in Yemen benefitted from the distribution.

“Every Ramadan, [Islamic Relief] comes. May God bless them. Now I thank God, because of Islamic Relief.”

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