Since 1999, Islamic Relief has contributed to post-war relief and reconstruction in Kosova.

A primary goal is to help vulnerable people to become self-sufficient, so that they will no longer need to rely on the international community.

We work in the Drenic region, particularly in the districts of Skenderaj, Drenas and Malisheya. During the war, much of the fighting was concentrated in this region and Skenderaj has Kosova’s highest population of widowed women and orphaned children.

Islamic Relief has also worked in partnership with UNICEF on a major Mine Awareness project.

Our projects include infrastructure development, emergency shelter, school rehabilitation, orphan sponsorship, small business loans, medicine distribution, psychosocial programmes for women and seasonal Ramadan and Qurbani food distributions.

Currently, we are focusing livelihoods projects and our large micro credit programme in Kosova. In ten years, the innovative scheme has helped 10,000 people to improve their income.

Projects in Kosovo