For more than 50 years, Jordan has welcomed Palestinian refugees. Refugee agencies now estimate that over half of all Jordanians are of Palestinian origin.

Over two million Palestinian refugees are living in Jordan, making the country host to more Palestinian refugees than any other country in the world. Ten recognised camps shelter more than 370,000 Palestinians and Baqa’a is the Middle East’s largest refugee camp.

Since 2003, Jordan has also become home to a growing number of Iraqi refugees. Government estimates put this figure at 450,000.

In addition, there are currently more than 620,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan. The Zaatari refugee camp is now amongst the largest ‘cities’ in the country, and one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. The recent influx of Syrians seeking safety has placed extra pressure on Jordanian public services, in a country in which 14.4 per cent of the population already lived below the poverty line.

In 1997, we extended our orphan sponsorship programme to Jordan. Hundreds of orphans have since benefited from the programme, with more than 300 Palestinian orphans currently sponsored by donors from all over world.

In partnership with local organisations, Islamic Relief also carries out seasonal Ramadan and Qurbani projects, and provides essential support to Syrian and Palestinian families living as refugees in Jordan.

Projects in Jordan