Islamic Relief was one of the first international organisations on the ground in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake of 2010.

Focussing on protecting lives, we set up the first organised camp for displaced people in Port-au-Prince and provided residents with shelter, food, water and household and hygiene items to assist them in the aftermath.

As our focus shifted to recovery, we built toilets, showers and drainage systems in the three camps that we were running. We also provided cash for work opportunities to vulnerable people, and constructed temporary school shelters.

Determined to help Haiti’s communities in the long-term, we initiated development projects that included transitional shelters for displaced people, helped Haitians to earn a living, and created almost 1,000 local jobs in an ambitious programme to rebuild and repair five quake-damaged schools. When complete, our schools programme will benefit around 11,200 children.

Projects in Haiti