In 2004, we opened our Ethiopia office – four years after we first started working in the country, at the start of successive years of severe drought.

Seven years later, in 2011, we responded to the East Africa famine with a £22 million emergency programme, which provided food and water to tens of thousands of vulnerable people.

We also began programmes to strengthen food security for the future. Focusing on sustainable livelihoods, we restocked cattle, rebuilt water sources, and provided micro-finance and vocational training.

Our livelihood programmes for women have been particularly successful. This has seen women provided with small ethical loans and business training – coming together to form savings groups to ensure sustainability.

Current long-term development projects include sustainable livelihoods, education, health, and water. We are also delivering child welfare and child protection programmes.

Other on-going programmes include orphan support and sponsorship, as well as Ramadan and Qurbani food distribution.

Projects in Ethiopia