Islamic Relief began its work in China in 2002, responding to the floods in the Shaanxi province.

Working with local communities, we built new homes in four villages in Ningshang County, helping hundreds of families back onto their feet.

Today, we work with local organisations in the drought-affected western and central provinces of Gansu, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Chongquing, as well as the autonomous region.

Projects have included rainwater harvesting, irrigation development and education for girls. We have also worked with Chinese organisations to develop their nationwide disaster preparedness and relief programmes.

We have been providing Ramadan food parcels and Qurbani meat in China since 2002.
Most recently, we have been tackling rural poverty by promoting pastoral enterprise, improving the skills of farmers, and providing access to Islamic finance – giving poor people the means to lift themselves out of poverty, permanently.

We also focus on renewable energy, agriculture and livelihoods. In addition, we deliver projects to develop physical infrastructure as well as water and sanitation facilities.

Projects in China