BDP – Closing Date : 5th August, 2021

Terms of Reference

Conduct livelihood analysis And Develop individual Business Development plans


Islamic Relief – Sri Lanka implements livelihood programs in Ampara and Batticaloa districts for Women headed families. These will be pilot programs to measure the sustainability and the outcome. The livelihood program does not even provide assets but it develops the families’ income through sustainability and consistency. The targeted divisions are mentioned below;

Project Title: Improving the Living conditions of Orphans’  families and their communities (ILOCA)


  1. Sammanthurai
  2. Padiyathalawa
  3. Addalaichenai
  4. Alayadivembu
  5. Damana
  6. Kalmunai T.D
  7. Akkaraipattu
  8. Ampara
  9. Karaithivu

Duration and commencement: 3 weeks from the contract signed date.


To provide appropriate trainings (Business Development Services) to the project staff and to conduct livelihood analysis and raise maximum 126 individual Business development plans by understanding the social economic structures in the targeted locations based on their capacities and market availabilities, to initiate sustainable income generating activities that will enable these vulnerable widowed households to earn a sustainable income.

Scope of Work

The resource person will work under the overall supervision, And Program Manager will work closely with the Resource person for particular engagement as defined in the Term of Reference (ToR).

Assignment specification:

  1. The assignment has the following key activities; these will be split up into several activities and will cover all 9 Divisions.

Inputs by the resource person /service provider

  1. The selected firm/individual needs to develop a suitable business development module within a period of one week since the agreement is signed and train it to the project staff.
  2. Deliverables / Reporting requirements:
  • Prepare business plan template / support in finalizing business plan material
  • Conduct Business development training to project staff.
  • Conduct and develop livelihood analysis and 126 individual business development plan.
  • Final report- BDP

Expertise required in following subjects

  1. Familiar with district geographical conditions
  2. Fluency in local languages and local ethnic communities.
  3. Vast knowledge in business plan development and local business development initiatives.
  4. Environmental and risk management
  5. Community development and citizen participation
  6. Social protection and social safeguard (gender, child and women)

Qualification and Requirements

  1. Min Degree in Business Management / Degree in Social Science / Degree in Sociology or any relevant degree.
  2. Possess similar experience.
  3. Fluency in Local Languages
  4. Expertise in Computer applications.



The contract will be issued to the Resource Person for assigned duties mentioned in the contact. Assigned Resource Person agreed to work as below mentioned;

  • Prepare template for business plan and training to staff – 1-3 days.
  • Resource Person / Facilitator – max 27 days.
  • Preparation and Report writing.
  • 50% of payment will be paid with the satisfactory in completing assigned works for 63 beneficiaries in 15 days.
  • 50% will be paid after submitting 63 beneficiaries’ assigned works and submission of report.

Charges for the Services.

  • The payments for the Services are as follows:

The IRSL would pay an all-inclusive allowance. The payment would be released as follows:

  1. An advance will be provided to provide Business development training to staff as the first instalment.

Termination of contract

  • Breaching terms of the contract and time line.

Submission of Proposal

  • Individual contractor or and organization can apply for this assignment.
  • Apply with previous experience letter/ list of events facilitated or managed in last 3 years.
  • Attach National Identity Copy.
  • Bank details will be requested once the contractor selected for this assignment.


  • Individuals working with institutions may also apply, contract would be issued in the name of the institution for the specific services of individual;
  • The Resource Person must bring his/her own communication equipment/laptop etc.
  • The agreed amount will be released when the final module is presented. The trainer needs to hand over two hard copies and the soft version.


Application with full resume should be submitted on or before 5th August, 2021 via E-mail address: or submit to our reception at No 218, main street, Akkaraipattu-2  (067-2280009).Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.  (Due to urgency of the resource person, advertisement process may end earlier from deadline/date upon identification of right applicant) Islamic Relief (Sri Lanka) encourages female and differently able applicants to apply for the assignment. We have well placed systems on safeguarding and protection of employees at all levels.